In order to make sure we don't all get a bill from Annandale Athletics we need to account for some of the additional cost our sport requires.  These costs include away race lift tickets for kids/coaches, broken gates, transportation, hotel/food for away race overnights, etc.  

Powder Ridge has allowed the team to host meat raffles every Saturday during the ski season in Chester's Lounge.  Please sign up for at least one meat raffle here: (2021/2022 season)

Meat Raffle Prep

Meat raffles run from 5:00-8:30pm (UPDATE as of 1/7/2019 we are running from 4:00-7:00pm).  Arrive about 30 minutes early to prep.

The front desk will have a packet containing $50 starting cash/change, raffle ticket sheets, $5 cash games, drink tokens, gift cards and instructions. 

Ask for the key to the freezer from a Chester's employee.  Downstairs in the freezer there will be boxes of meat from Knaus Meats.  Place a variety of these in a large bowl (also in the freezer/storage room) and cover with ice from the nearby machine.  Take upstairs.  Also take the raffle spinning wheel and 2 wood ticket holding paddles.

Standard Raffle Game

Take one of the raffle sheets and separate the 30 numbers on their perforations.  Save the remaining stub for documenting.  Sell each ticket for $1.  Do not sell them for any other amount!  People may purchase multiple tickets.

When all tickets are sold, return to the spinning wheel and spin it, being sure not to interrupt any live music playing.  The winning number on the wheel can take one meat item or $15 Powder Ridge Gift Card.  The next number receives a drink token. 

Staple the winning ticket to the stub and document the winning number and prize value (always $15).  Be sure winning ticket matches the code on the raffle sheet stub (and not a previous raffle).  Place the stub and winning ticket in the money pouch.  Document what specific meat was taken (or gift card) on the Meat Sold Sheet. 

That's It!

$5 Cash Prize Game

Similar to the above but each chance costs $5 instead of $1.  Ticket buyers select one number from the $5 game board.  When all are sold open the number at the top (do not rip off).  Winner receives $110 cash and rest is for the team. 

IMPORTANT: anyone who wins this game must fill out an additional sheet and sign it, they must include their Driver's License number.  If they do not have their Driver's License, someone in their party must include it.  THIS MUST HAPPEN OR THEY CAN NOT WIN THE MONEY.  Staple this form and the winning ticket to the game board.


Donations are accepted - put the money in the pouch along with a note saying the donation amount and donor name.

Clean Up

Return all meat to the freezer, dump the ice in a sink, put the bowls, spinning wheel, ticket boards where you found them and return the freezer/storage key to a Chester's employee.

Count up the money to make sure you have the right amount - return the packet with money, unused games, drink tickets etc. to the front desk.

You should end up with $50 starting money plus $30 for each raffle plus $50 for each $5 board.


Bring your child with if possible, they tend to get people to donate easier if they can see who the money will benefit.  Let them know who the raffle is for and what expenses this helps them pay for.  

Children can carry ticket boards, meat, etc but should NOT be touching any of the money or spinning the wheel.  Adults are required to do this.  

Spin the wheel hard - hold the base down so it doesn't shake.  People want to see the wheel go fast so they feel it isn't "rigged".

Attempt to sell to all locations evenly - if a section of the room does not get to buy tickets in one round, start selling there the next round.

If you run out of drink tokens the bartenders can get more.  If you run out of gift cards ask for more from the front desk. You do not need to record drink token winners or save those ticket numbers. 

It can be slow, plan to bring some $$$ of your own.  You will not want to buy your own tickets directly though.  Find another person in the crowd you know that can proxy buy for you when it's slow.  If you win the cash prize consider donating some or all back to the team.

The $5 game is more value to the team with a profit better than 3 meat raffles but you need a larger crowd to make it work.  Usually after 3-4 meat raffles is a good time to try to introduce this.  If you feel the room is spending well attempt another later if there is interest.

Be careful with keeping the right amount of money in the pouch.  Count after each raffle.  You are responsible for anything missing!

Replenish the supply of meat as needed.  If it's going well feel free to stay late and sell more.

No other games may be played. i.e. 50/50 games.  

If you open a new game pack, you will need to put the bar code sheet that is in the new pack in the green bag with the money.

Any Questions please ask the bartenders or front desk.  If they can't help call Derek Becker 320-493-0362.

Annandale Alpine Co-Op Ski Team

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